Tips to a Healthier Morning

Steps to a Healthier Morning

It’s no secret that stress has a negative effect on daily living. You can’t go far on the internet without stumbling over an article warning of the effects of stress and ways to reduce it. Now more than ever, there is a push to reexamine daily lifestyles for ways to reduce stress and provide more margin. With more margin in day-GoodMorningto-day living, you and your family can refocus on priorities like spending time together.

What is one area that is sure to be a stress culprit? Mornings. Mornings have the potential to be a stress-filled section of the day with limited time to eat breakfast, get ready for the day, and gather belongings needed for school and work. Or it can become a launching pad for an even more healthy and productive day ahead.

So picture mornings in your household. What are they lacking? Do you feel like you need more time in the mornings? Some extra organization the night before may go a long way in the morning. Do you usually feel sluggish and have a hard time waking up? Perhaps swapping out some unhealthy food or drink choices and replacing them with healthier items will do the trick. Do you have a hard time focusing and feeling ready to face the day? A brief yoga sequence done from the comfort of your bedroom or some breathing exercises may bring your mind and body into harmony, helping you face your day.

Drink a Mug of Hot Lemon Water 

You may have already seen this tip popping up on Pinterest and other blog sites, but have you given it a shot? Simply heat a mug of water, and squeeze the juice from half a lemon into the mug and stir. Lemons are hard workers when it comes to purifying and energizing the body. As cold and flu season approaches, powering up the body with a mug of hot lemon water fortifies it with Vitamin C, keeping the immune system strong in the face of sickness and stress. Lemon water also aids digestion and can reduce bloating. Among many other benefits, lemon water freshens the breath and reduces inflammation in the body. What are you waiting for? Go squeeze some lemons and drink in some liquid health!

Reduce Small Decision Making 

Why is it so hard to get up in the morning? Especially on cold mornings, the thought of leaving a cozy warm bed is painful, isn’t it? One thing that can ease your transition from bed to the rest of the day is to reduce the amount of decisions  to be made upon waking. Plan outfits the night before and lay it out so you don’t have to fumble in a dark closet for the clothes you need. Gather any work or school materials and place them by your keys so last-minute scavenger hunts are a thing of the past. Have easy, healthy breakfast items on hand so you aren’t staring in your fridge or pantry trying to decide on breakfast. The less power the brain has to devote to making small, daily decisions, the more efficiently it can evaluate important decisions. 

Take a Few Minutes for Breathing or Yoga 

Have you ever caught yourself holding your breath or clenching muscles for no reason? These actions wreak havoc on your bodies, so cut out those stressors and breathe. As you are showering or even as you’re driving, consciously take five deep breaths and notice the effect it has on your body. You should feel more relaxed and able to think more clearly. Or if you have even a few extra minutes, engage in a short yoga sequence to get your muscles warmed up and the blood flowing in your body. These short videos feature great morning yoga sequences.

A few healthy changes like these can energize and streamline your mornings, spurring you on to make healthier decisions throughout the day. And building a series of healthy decisions lead to a healthier lifestyle. So take back your mornings, fortify your body and breathe.

The rest of your day, and your life, will thank you.

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