Strength Training Workout Plan Made Easy at Home

Exercising At Home

It’s no secret that strength training and fitness, in general, is crucial to achieving a healthy lifestyle. Of course, the everyday ups and downs of life, admittedly, can make it hard to find time for the gym. However, a gym is not necessary anyhow, and that’s not a good enough excuse for skipping out on strength training!

While not everyone can afford their own home equipment or gym membership, there are plenty of routines which can be done in the comfort of your own living rooms; no equipment necessary.

Before Starting

Since time is likely the number one reason you’re migrating your workout to your living room, it’s important that before anything, you have a concrete schedule for your workouts, and you stick to it. Things will come up, sure, but the structure of a three or four days a week plan will put the odds in your favor when it comes to levels of commitment.

It’s also recommended to stick to a specific time of the day, preferably one which you know will require the least attention from the outside world.

Make sure that you’ve carved out an area with room to spare for body movement. Different workouts require more or less space, be ready for everything by de-cluttering prior to your session.

As we stated, not everyone will be able to afford equipment, but if at all possible, be sure to have dumbbells or resistance cords on hand for a more intense workout. For the majority, body weight will be enough to begin the path toward fitness, though.

Don’t forget to warm up. Even though you’re not utilizing heavy gym equipment, it’s still important to warm your muscles up. Some stretching and a set of push-ups and setups will do, so it’s really no bother. Your body will thank you.

The Bread and Butter

Squats, Pushups, and Setups are the three workout variables which you will base the majority of your workout around. Each of these three has a wide array of offshoot workouts, ranging from the squat jump to the narrow gap push-up.

If you can master the form of these three key workouts, then you are well on your way to successful fitness.

The squat – works out your entire lower body, as well as your core. Proper form insists on a completely upright torso as you essentially make a sitting action.

Push-ups – work out your entire upper body, including your back, chest, arms, and your abs. For proper form, pay special attention to your wrists and elbows. Your wrists should line up with your shoulders, and your elbows should tuck in toward your side. As you lower, attempt to keep your chest from actually hitting the ground, for maximum effectiveness.  If you can’t complete them in proper form, start modified and work your way till you can.  Many people can’t upon starting!

Set-ups – a fantastic upper body workout, require a great deal of abdominal strength to achieve proper form. When done properly, your legs and arms are not doing any of the actual lifting. These also may be modified until you gain more strength.

Beyond The Basics

While it’s crucial to know the basics and master the form of the basics before diving further into body-weight exercises, it’s also important to add variation to your workouts. Squats, push-ups, and sit-ups will only get you so far.

Lunges: This lower body behemoth focuses on the quads, while also providing a strength increase to every other part of your leg, as well. The proper form calls for feet and arms at your side, switching into one knee 90 degrees while the back knee close to the floor, but not touching; completion requires your front foot to push off while the back leg straightens.

Planks will build your core to the max! Keep your elbows and shoulders aligned. Your hips, heels, and shoulders also need to be at the same height.

Burpees are a complex, full-body workout that marries cardio and strength training for a truly killer workout. Essentially, it’s a high-speed combination of a push-up and a squat, which is a perfect example of why you would need to master the form of the basics prior to moving to the burpee.

These six workouts are truly only the beginning. While surely these six will be enough for a fulfilling full-body workout, there are hundreds of workouts which can be done within the comforts of your own home, on your own time.

So, as we said, there are no excuses for not getting the workout your body truly needs and believe it or not, craves. It’s just a matter of discipline. There’s a whole new world of fitness out there waiting for you to grab it.

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