Easiest Tips For Staying Fit at Your Desk Job

Staying Fit With an Office Job

Staying fit at a desk job almost sounds contradictory.  If you’re one of the millions of Americans who spend 40 or more quality hours a week at an office desk, then this article is for you. Just because eight hours of your day are spent in an office doesn’t mean you can’t make healthy choices for yourself as you answer emails, attend meetings, and draft proposals.

fit-at-desk-jobIn fact, you need to make even more of an effort to keep your body active. With a little planning on your part, your desk, cubicle, or corner office can be an extension of your own home, providing a space for you to continue making healthy decisions and keep your body staying fit at your desk job.  Even at an office job, we can practice staying active.

Keep Moving

One of the hardest things on your body in regards to a desk job is the sitting. In fact, the scientific community has coined an unofficial name for it: sitting disease. While not officially recognized as a malady, the effects of an overly sedentary life are unmistakable.

What’s more, sitting is notoriously bad for your posture and back, leads to tightness in the hips and legs and doesn’t foster good blood circulation.

An underactive lifestyle can also result in other metabolic and musculoskeletal issues.  Taking a brisk walk around the building or even taking the stairs to another floor will get the blood pumping, bringing new energy to your creative processes.

Staying fit at your desk job can also include other small changes that can make for a more ergonomic work space. Maybe swapping out your chair for an exercise ball is the change you need, or getting a foot rest. A standing desk is another great way to get good circulation and burn more calories than a traditional desk. Maybe grabbing that extra bolster pillow from home is just the support your lumbar needs.

Healthy Accessories 

Does that mid-day slump hit you hard every day? Make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day. And what better way to get that water in you than by selecting a special tumbler or water bottle specifically for work.

You’ll find yourself reaching for that container more and more often. The same goes for lunch containers. If your goal is to pack a lunch for the majority of the week to save money and eat healthier, look for brightly colored containers or lunch pail to tote your munchies in.

Lunch pails have come a long way since the days of small tin boxes with cartoon characters.  Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from still using that awesome vintage lunch box.

When 3:30 p.m. rolls around, do you struggle to maintain a focused mindset? Maybe a personal oil diffuser would help lift your mood and clarify your mind. Being mindful of the proximity of your co-workers, a small battery powered or USB powered oil diffuser could do the trick.

Peppermint, lemon or ginger are great oils to foster mental alertness, while oils like grapefruit or geranium are excellent stress reducers.  Go ahead, treat yourself.

Ease those Muscles 

Sometimes our neck and upper back ache from hours staring at the computer. You can do some simple yoga moves a go to maintain flexibility and increase blood flow, all while sitting at your desk.

You may also keep a tennis ball to massage your arches under your desk, or even to sit on for short periods of time to release tension in the hamstrings or glutes. Golf balls also work to massage tired feet.

Bottom line?

Whatever your job may ask of you, staying fit at an office job is not complicated.  Just be inventive with the ways you stay active. A desk doesn’t have to shackle you, or hinder your goals. Instead, it can provide an opportunity to come up with creative solutions to keep your body moving, your mind clear, and your blood pumping.  The video below is a great example:

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