Stress Management: Simple Ways to Unwind

Stress – A Closer Look

There are many people who may be under the impression that seeking stress management is something one would do when they are experiencing anger issues. While any technique geared toward stress relief surely would be effective for angry types, such techniques are also beneficial to anyone and everyone. After all, we all need to unwind, right? The real question is, just how exactly are we to do that?

What Is The Cause?

Stress can come in many forms.   A few common issues are money, work, health, relationships, home life; even something as simple as a lack of sleep can cause stress. Before we can truly unwind, it’s a good idea to get to the bottom of what the cause of our stress actually is.

  • Positive Self-reflection
    • Rather than putting yourself or others down, which will only cause more stress in the process, It’s important to reflect on each day’s events. You can do this by keeping a mood journal, where you write down everything that occurred during your day and how it made you feel. If judging your own mood was a troublesome task before, it won’t be a problem now.
  • Take It Easy
    • Once the cause of stress has been identified, determine then if it’s something that can be addressed, or if it is something that is bigger than you.

Sweat Over Only What Is Worth It

While you may have heard of the phrase “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” you may not have considered what might happen if you found yourself sweating the stuff which is out of our hands. There are things we cannot control, no matter how much we try. Rather than letting our stress get out of hand over large concepts such as politics or random unfortunate events, it is better to cope with what has been put in front of us with a realistic mindset.


After discovering the true nature of our stress, and ruminating over whether or not it is an issue to be solved or an issue to be released, there is still one crucial step: unwinding. While it is comforting to know the why, and many of the previously mentioned activities such as journaling can aid unwinding, that alone will likely not be enough to bring one to a desirable level of comfort. However, there are certainly techniques that will.

  • Deep breathing
    • Yes, it is possible for something which comes natural to us to be forgotten as a tool for unwinding, but in this case, it shouldn’t. Psychology Central, by way of Anna Guest-Jelley, suggests five consecutive deep breathes.
  • Proper sleep
    • With our lives appearing busier than perhaps any point in time prior to today, rest is just as important as it ever was. Getting seven-and-a-half hours will go a long way to correcting stress.
  • Controlled Escapism
    • This coping mechanism need not be taken lightly. Focusing on hobbies, such as playing sports, or even video games, can be a quick way to forget about all our troubles. In a way, that is a pro and a con, as many have fallen into the trap of preferring escapism over reality itself. It goes without saying that that needs to be avoided at all costs.

The Beginning of Better Health

Relieving stress is only the beginning. When one truly discovers the way to self-reflection and the benefits of utilizing stress relief, they are on the way to superior health. Not only that, stress causes disturbances within us that affect every aspect of our lives, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and health wise.

The slippery slope might be a logical fallacy, but it certainly fits the bill when describing the sheer power stress can possess, and the ability it has on causing stress to build on top of stress, endlessly. As long as self-reflection and stress relief are in your arsenal, however, there is nothing that can stop you.

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