Quick Tips to Burn Those Extra Calories

There are plenty of options out there these days if you’re looking to lose weight. Diet plans, exercise routines, supplements and even surgeries. But the most effective way is and always will be a healthy diet and exercise. Just watching portions and calorie intake, eating certain kinds of food and exercising regularly to burn calories and stay healthy.

If you’re not familiar with how easy it is to burn calories, you’re about to be completely surprised. You don’t have to spend an hour and a half on a treadmill to burn calories and lose weight — you can do very simple, everyday activities that will help immensely.

House Walking

One thing you can do is what’s called house walking. House walking is, quite literally, walking around your house. You’ll want to do this as many times per day as possible. Being sedentary doesn’t just mean you won’t be burning any calories, it also is completely unhealthy. Your body needs activity, and something as simple as walking around your house can go a long way.

House walking can be accomplished while doing other things as well. If you spend time on your phone checking text messages and emails, maybe try doing so while walking around the house. Have you got dinner in the oven and are waiting for it to finish cooking? Try house walking for a bit to kill time and burn some calories along the way.

Simple Yard Work

Did you know that doing something as simple as yard work can be extremely beneficial? 15 minutes of pulling weeds can, surprisingly enough, burn 70 calories.yard word Pushing a lawn mower for a half hour is also a good way to cut some calories quickly — 160, to be exact.

Of course, there are more focused, workout-oriented things to do that burn significant calories. Going on a brisk walk for an hour burns 240 calories, while swimming or hiking for an hour cuts 385. Are you on vacation and looking to burn some fat and calories? Activities like kayaking can burn up to 315 calories an hour.

Up the Metabolism

One common misconception when it comes to burning calories is that sweating is somehow a sign that you’re burning calories. In fact, this could not be more untrue. If you really want to look for signs that you’re doing the right things, pay attention to your stomach. If you feel hungry shortly after working out, that means your body is craving nutrients and you’re doing something right. At that point, it’s time to refuel.

Watch Your Form

Form is also very important during exercise. If you’re not doing pushups correctly, you won’t get the effects of the exercise and it could limit the amount of calories you burn. Try and do exercises that build muscle as well, as more muscle means stronger metabolism. Another thing to consider is that you should consistently change up your workout routine. You never want your routine to become too easy — challenging yourself and progressing your workouts will help with not only burning calories, but building muscle and staying generally healthy and fit as well.

Keep these simple tips in mind next time you’re looking to burn calories, as it can be a lot simpler than you’d think to do so. And, as always, make sure you’re eating enough throughout the day to balance the amount of activity you do. Burning calories might seem like a difficult or time-consuming thing, but it doesn’t have to be if you find a way that works for you.

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