Your Path To Self-Motivation

Low Self-Esteem and Motivation

Let’s face it — motivating yourself to accomplish something isn’t always easy. Some days you’ve got your head in the game, working hard towards your goal and self-motivationstaying focused to complete the tasks at hand. Other days it’s difficult enough to get yourself out of bed, let alone motivate yourself to accomplish something.

Motivational ruts are common, but sometimes can last a while and even lead to a continuous cycle of lazy, unmotivated behavior. There are several things you can do to better motivate yourself, though — simple, easy things you can incorporate into your day to keep you focused on the task at hand.

Why We Procrastinate 

Before you begin the process of practicing self-motivation, it’s important to understand just why it is you procrastinate in the first place. This way, you can identify the root cause of your lack of motivation and push yourself through that obstacle.

Timothy Psychyl, a Canadian psychology professor, said in a recent column for Fortune that extensive research found the cause of procrastination. Procrastination, he said, does not stem from poor time management skills as many believe. Instead, it’s all about your emotions.

“At its core, procrastination is about emotions. We use avoidance to deal with negative feelings — we give in to feel good,” Psychyl explained. “Procrastination is not a time-management problem; it’s an emotion-regulation problem, one that comes back to haunt us. While avoidance can feel good in the moment, studies have shown this emotional boost is fleeting.”

Small Steps 

You can take very small steps to help you become more motivated in your daily life, and it can start with something as simple as little objects or symbols around your work area. Keeping motivators around you remind you to get focused and stick to your task can be a great way to kickstart self-motivation on even your worst day.

It’s also important to surround yourself with people who can help you stay motivated. This can be anyone from a friend, co-worker or family member over text message. As long as this person helps keep your head in the game, there’s no harm in having someone else around you to influence your motivation.improve-self-motivation

Another great tool for staying motivated is to track your progress. Keep a log or a record of how far you’ve come on the task or project you’re working on, as this will increase your focus and allow you to picture the end goal.

Take It From The Professionals 

Many successful business people and entrepreneurs have shared their own methods of self-motivating, and you can learn a lot from these tips no matter what you need motivation for. Everyone is different — take Ekaterina Lyapustina, founder and CEO of JetNest, for example. Lyapustina told that she starts her day with meditation and then asks herself a series of questions to get her head in the game.

“I then challenge myself by trying something new every day. I exercise and try to get out of the house to attend events and meet positive, interesting and successful people who can teach me new things,” she said.

No matter what steps you take to become more motivated in your daily life, always make sure to avoid putting something off for too long. Procrastination can become a vicious cycle if you’re not careful, but taking the right steps to motivate yourself can prevent that cycle from getting out of control and increase your productivity, creativity and even confidence.

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