Metabolism And Your Respiratory System

Respiratory & Metabolism

The respiratory system plays a huge role in a person’s metabolism, for a much simpler reason than you might realize. The fact is, you need oxygen in your body to burn energy and cleanse yourself of metabolic waste. The relationship between metabolism and the respiratory system can be easily explored, though the connection they share is not one people often make right away.

The Basics 

Essentially, metabolism is the production of energy in the body. When you define it from a biochemical perspective, however, it is the sum of every chemical reaction happening in the body.

With that said, it’s important to remember how crucial oxygen and proper respiration is to metabolism. The body use oxygen to burn nutrients and produce energy — a process known as aerobic metabolism. It’s possible to produce energy through anaerobic metabolism, which doesn’t use oxygen, but the majority of the time this is done through aerobic metabolism.

When you take in air, you breathe in oxygen. Oxygen then goes into the bloodstream and is delivered to tissues through hemoglobin.

Just Keep Breathing

Proper oxygen intake and respiration is, of course, incredibly important to your health in a number of ways — but it also plays a crucial role in your metabolism. Improving your oxygen intake is important to increasing your energy levels and therefore improving your metabolism. Oxygen also thins the blood to allow for it to flow more quickly, which also helps metabolism greatly.

In short, the more oxygen you have in your body, the better your metabolism will be. This is why proper breathing is a must — and something that can be easily achieved with a few tips. The most important tip is to make sure you’re breathing from your abdomen. When you do this, your stomach will expand, followed by your ribs and chest.

Proper breathing also involves keeping your shoulders down and relaxed, and exhaling two times slower than you inhaled. Let the air out in the opposite direction — from your chest first, then through your ribs and then your abdomen.

An exercise known as fire breathing can help promote proper breathing, and is very simple to accomplish. Either sitting or standing, inhale through your nose for four seconds and fill your lungs with air. Once your lungs are full, take eight to 10 small breaths — inhaling and exhaling the whole time. When you’re done, exhale to let out the air in your lungs. Repeat this exercise for 30 reps to properly help your breathing. 

Be Aware Of Your Breathing Habits

It’s very important to be aware of the kind of breaths you take every day, as it truly does have a serious impact on your metabolism. A lot of people take very shallow breaths that only fill up half of the lungs, which is why being aware of your breathing habits is essential.  Deep breathing exercises certainly help here.  How quickly your body burns oxygen or fuel for calorie reduction and fat burning purposes, depends on how well your body utilizes oxygen.

Don’t forget that the amount of oxygen we bring in has a direct effect on the number of calories burned, so it’s always important to breathe deep and correctly.

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