Low Self Esteem and The Consequences

Have You Got Low Self Esteem?

low self-esteem is badSelf-esteem is a tricky thing, and it truly ebbs and flows as you go through life. Some people have consistently good self-esteem, some have prolonged periods of low self-esteem and others vary depending on the time in their life and the many factors that go into influencing self-esteem.

The Signs Of Low Self-Esteem

If you’ve got low self-esteem, there can be many explanations for it. Things like a negative outlook on life, unrealistic expectations of perfection, feeling unloved and unlovable and an inability to trust people are all contributing factors to low self-esteem.

Think about when you’re around others. Do you find it difficult to take compliments or do you brush off nice things people say about you? Do you generally assume the worst in situations and display very little self-control? If you’ve experienced any of this, all signs point to low self-esteem. Other signs to look for are a hesitancy to meet new people, constant worry about what people think of you and and dislike of talking about yourself.

Insecurity Can Be Dangerous 

Not only can insecurity and low self-esteem be damaging to your emotions and things like your body image and self-worth, a recent study showed that men with low self-esteem often feel threatened by women and are more likely to harass them on the Internet.

According to the study, one in four women between the ages of 18 and 24 years old have been victims of harassment from men. In the study, men and women were pitted against each other in a video game. In situations where men began losing against women, they would often begin to say derogatory things about them to make themselves feel better.

“Low-status and low-performing males have the most to lose as a consequence of the hierarchical reconfiguration due to the entry of a competitive woman,” the authors of the study said.

Men who were confident in their performance, however, did not feel the need to lash out at their female competitors.
“Higher-skilled (i.e., more dominant) males do not behave in this manner, as there is no need for them to reinforce their dominance to maintain their attractiveness,” the authors stated.

Self-Esteem And Love 

You might not realize it, but low self-esteem can severely impact romantic relationships. Someone with low self-esteem might become so attached to their partner that it becomes co-dependent rather than healthy — something researchers have dubbed Relationship Contigent Self-Estem (RCSE).

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