The Hidden Benefits Of Being Active

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Everyone knows that physical activity of any kind not only increases your metabolism, but also promotes a healthy lifestyle. Though exercise is a wonderful thing, even just taking a walk or doing household chores can contribute to being active and striking the balance between exercise and healthy eating.

What many people may not be as aware of is the fact that physical activity can improve other aspects of life and have benefits that go beyond physical health and weight control.

Increase Your Activity 

There are several steps you can take to increase and improve your level of physical activity, with walking being perhaps the simplest and most beneficial thing. This is mainly because it’s completely free, simple and safe for anyone to do — and just 30 minutes of walking promotes heart health.

Some things you can do in your everyday life that have the same benefits as deliberately health-minded walks or exercise routines include things like doing yard work, taking out the dog and walking at a brisk pace.

Other smart ways to exercise that don’t necessary include traditional exercise include gardening, cooking, knitting and crocheting.

Exercise Has Benefits From Birth 

A little-known fact about exercise and physical activity is that it has been linked to more physically active children. A recent study performed on mice showed that groups who exercised while pregnant gave birth to babies that were more active.

“Although most people assume that an individual’s tendency to be physically active is determined by genetics, our results clearly show that the environment can play an important role during fetal development,” researcher Robert Waterland said of the experiment.

While the theory of physically active mothers influencing their babies is unconfirmed and more experiments need to be conducted to know for sure, all signs certainly point to a parental influence. Confirmation of the theory could potentially lead to improved habits in terms of physical activity. There is a hugely significant reason for an overall change in habits among children — insufficient physical activity is listed by the World Health Organization as one of the top 10 leading risk factors for death.

“I think our results offer a very positive message,” Waterland said. “If expectant mothers know that exercise is not only good for them but also may offer lifelong benefits for their babies, I think they will be more motivated to get moving.” 

Physical Activity And ADHD 

Children with ADHD can benefit greatly from physical activity in ways you might never have considered before. Aerobic exercises in particular can significantly improve social skills and attention span, and a recent study found that 30 minutes of exercise per day before school drastically improves several aspects and symptoms of ADHD.

“We must think of exercise as an essential component of treatment,” Dr. Ned Hallowell said. “If your child has ADD, make sure his school doesn’t discipline him by keeping him inside during recess or forcing him to sit in detention.”

Keep Exercise In Mind 

It’s important to get into the habit of staying physically active on a regular basis. It’s been proven to improve the health of people of all ages, and help the development of individuals who suffer from developmental and behavioral disorders like ADHD. You don’t have to develop an exercise routine to do so, but even just everyday activities has serious benefits in all aspects of life — even before birth.

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