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When people think about a healthy lifestyle, what springs to mind will likely be imagines of working out, shopping for fresh groceries, or the adjusting of sleep schedules in order to get those coveted 8 hours. These are, of course, all signs of a healthy lifestyle, but how does one go about making and sticky to these choices?

For most, it’s certainly not as easy as simply telling oneself “this is what I want, and now I will do it”. But the mind and our self-esteem are the answer when it comes to willpower.

The Mind

Our mental health could very well possibly be more important than our physical health. How do you keep track of your mental health, though?It’s not simple, and it’s certainly a never ending task of sorts.

However, there are activities worth looking into.

Keep a journal. This cannot be stressed enough. Not only will keeping a journal offer a release of the day’s events, it will also help improve memory. Make note of how the day’s events affected your mood, as well, for a new level of self-awareness.

After doing this for a while, you will notice yourself spotting changing moods as they occur!

Meditate. The act of meditation may seem silly to some, but the benefits are enough to shoot that thought down and quick. How could you possibly turn down a decrease in blood pressure, anxiety, as well as a decrease in depression and depression-like symptoms?

Beyond all of that, just the idea of our busy world washing away for a little while should be enough to entice.

Limit, or preferably eliminate drug and alcohol use. While some will consider this choice controversial, there is no doubt that mind altering stimulants cause issues with sustained use. If you would like a sharp mind well into your twilight years, it’s time to re-evaluate your drug or alcohol intake.


Just as cast aside when discussing a healthy lifestyle, are our social lives. While it may be overlooked, the cast of characters, that we call family and friends, play an enormous role in determining our health.

If you’re ready to make healthy lifestyle choices, then you will need a real support system to aid you along the way. So called friends, or sadly even family members, can often time cause more harm than good when it comes to our progression.

So you have a few things to think about from here.

Confront and Discuss. Some people just don’t understand our choices right away, but after a serious chat, and hopefully an apology from them, they can join you in your fight for a better lifestyle.

Limit Contact. Although some of your friends and family may not understand your decisions and choices, perhaps these people are important enough in your life to keep them at a distance for now.

You don’t want their hindrance, but perhaps down the line, they will see things a bit more clearly through your eyes.

End Contact. Sadly, some friends and family are toxic to your cause. You may have wanted to do this for a while, but didn’t consider that these people were bringing you down as much as they were.

Sometimes you may find this to be difficult, but it must be done in order to gain control of your decisions for the better.

Maximizing Self-Esteem

To change and maintain a healthy physical state, the aforementioned eating right, sleeping well, and working out are all cornerstones, but none of them would be even thinkable if it weren’t for a positive self-esteem.

Self-reflection, and a focus on relaxation, as well as a positive support system, are the true backbone of a healthy lifestyle. Together, the health of the physical and the mind can and will bring you the life you’ve been dreaming of.

However, you cannot have one without the other. Always keep that in mind.

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