Bodyweight Training: Getting Results Without the Gym

Workout Routines

When you think about workout routines, the gym seems known as a sacred place for some and a feared fortress of criticism for others. Regardless, getting in shape can only be done through the commitment of ample amounts of physical and mental energy.

The good news is, you don’t need a gym membership to notice and feel the results of getting in shape. This is where bodyweight training comes into play.

Bodyweight training occurs in whichever setting you find comforting and lacks the use of pumping iron to obtain results. It is psychological in nature because it is simply you against your body, testing your physical limits and boosting your mental capacity.

One uses their own limbs to complete these exercises and builds up through variations and increased repetitions. The concept is rather simple in nature, but a discussion of all the ins and outs of this training can be beneficial to those looking to switch up their training regime.

The Full Body Workout

This training form allows you to utilize all your extremities and body parts, anything from arms to abs. The full body workout does not have to be free of equipment and throwing a chair or other surfacing into your workout can help you complete added individual workouts.

It allows you to target all the individual muscle groups without having to fork over the monthly fee a gym membership holds.

While the financial benefits speak for themselves, the physical and mental aspects are also present. Training in this fashion helps to make strides for improved movement and flexibility measures.

You are pushing your body to new limits and only you can increase the intensity. You are also relying solely on your body. When you use a machine at the gym, the movements are often limited to the capacity that individual machine holds.

Transforming yourself into the machine allows you to extend beyond limitations and stretch your extremities to new heights.

The metal aspect is also a huge player in this space. You can only push your body so hard and so far. In the gym setting, you are once again limited to physical over mental extremes. For example, utilizing the bench press at the gym places your focus on form and breathing.

The push-up, or the exercise most closely related to the bench press, involves many additional factors. You are utilizing your bi-ceps, tri-ceps, back muscles, chest, and shoulders, but you are supporting them in a different fashion. This exercise deals with breathing and form, but also requires more from a mental stand point.

You have to support your arms with the form of your back, which directly shapes the effectiveness of this workout. You also have to factor in the legs, more importantly, your feet.

These limbs help support the arms and must work in unison with your arms. The point of these workouts is to help you concentrate on more factors and prepare your mental state in a new fashion.

The Best Bodyweight Exercises

Now that you have skimmed the list of potential benefits, it is time to embrace the individual workouts. The best part about bodyweight exercises is that they are both limitless and infinite in number.

One can create variations and add certain elements to these workouts to get a better burn or to promote muscle growth.

The first exercise is one we dove into previously: the push-up. The push-up is a wonderful exercise that truly keeps on giving. As mentioned previously, the push-up targets your back, shoulders, arms, legs, and abdominal area.

The push-up is one of the easiest positions to modify and advance. Placing your hands far apart will call greater attention to your shoulders and back. Closer together works your tri-ceps and pectorals.

Inverted push-ups can be used to target your leg or arm muscles, putting personal preference at the top of these selling points. The different variations are almost infinite.

You can also work to build muscle from this exercise. Working in more reps, a longer hold time in-between reps, holding the down position and exploding upward, and many other implemented techniques all work to your muscle growth advantage.

The second is the body squat. The body squat allows you to focus on your mobility and cardio levels. It focuses direct attention to your ankles, hips, calves, and buttocks. Increased mobility comes with the ability to keep all these factors in a fluid motion.

This may take some practice to achieve, but it is a benefit of using your own body over equipment. This exercise also contains many variations, such as: wall squats, holding techniques, the use of added elements for tension increase, and a host of others.

These types of workouts will involve the use of extra elements, which is the case for the pull-up. The pull-up targets the back, arm strength, and really helps you gauge your advancements in this new exercise form.

The pull-up is another easily modified exercise. You can switch your grips to inverted style or utilize a towel to limit the pressure on your hands. You can bring your legs into the picture with lift movements and differing positions.

If this isn’t enough of a challenge, hold extra weight in-between your legs (sports balls, buckets, and other such materials work great).

These three workouts may seem basic, but each present benefits that can overtake their gym counterparts with increased usage and variabilities. You can still obtain the challenge of gym equipment through self-modifications.

Since these individual workouts allow you to apply your own levels of effort, they help prevent from overtraining. Overtraining is a common symptom one will obtain in a gym setting.

Creating extra fatigue and stress on your body is something you can avoid through this form of training.

HIIT Training

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. This is a form of training that is difficult to obtain at the gym due to equipment availability and total number of bodies moving about the premises. Through this body relied training, you can perform these intense workouts with ease.

You don’t have to worry about availability because your body is the equipment. This is a great regime for working on your cardio vascular levels and attaining a quick workout. The time concern is often something that people find themselves scratching their heads at.

With high intensity intervals, you get your workout done quick and are helping to create muscle confusions. Muscle confusions are directly associated to muscle growth. This form of training is good for those looking to attain muscle mass or lean muscle elements.

Is Your Weight a Hindrance?

The heavier set individual need not stray away from these types of training. They will help you lose weight and can help brighten your self-confidence.

Each of the workouts described above can be modified based off of intensity levels and body type. You can do push-ups on your knees until your core and legs can work to support your full body weight.

You can limit the motion of your squats until your legs can support your weight. Additionally, you can use an added surface to help support your weight until you build the strength needed.

Pull-ups are the third element you should never shy away from. Add in a box below your feet to limit the motion until you can perform the full exercise.

These exercises are directly related to weight loss, if done correctly. Get your form down, modify the positions to your liking, and lose weight. There are no limitations no matter the body type, which makes this form of training loved and appreciated by most individuals.

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